We are the first Carbon Neutral claims handler in the UK, we incorporate the following professional bodies:

Sustainability at our core

We believe sustainability is about Planet, People and Profit.

Innovation Group Ltd is committed to running its businesses in a responsible, considered, informed and sustainable way. We do this by managing our impact on the environments and societies in which we operate.


Innovation Group Ltd has established a Sustainability Strategy for 2014–2020. At the heart of this strategy are eight themes:

  • Impacts on society
  • Impacts on the environment
  • Carbon and climate change
  • Employee engagement
  • All stakeholders
  • Supply chain management
  • Innovation
  • Governance

Innovation Group Ltd is a recognised FTSE4Good company and reports its progress against the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We believe this is vital to ensure that Innovation Group lives up to the promise of being a ‘Future Ready’ business.

Carbon is our number one sustainability concern

Any organisation working in the insurance sector is well aware that climate change is already having, and will continue to have, a profound impact on our sector.

We have aligned our carbon reporting process to the requirements of both the Green House Gas Protocol and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) Climate Change Reporting Framework. 

Sustainability needs to be core to our business strategy and not just a bolt-on consideration building strategy around not just what we do but also the way we do it. Our recent ‘signature of the ‘CDSB Statement on Fiduciary Duty and Climate Change Disclosure’, which was submitted by leading businesses to UN Climate Change talks in September 2014, is an important commitment which underpins our strategic intent.

Andy Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

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