Subsidence explained


Subsidence is the downward movement of a building caused by loss of support to the foundations. The majority of subsidence claims are triggered by either leaking drainage or through the actions of a tree. Leaking drains can soften or erode the subsoil beneath the foundations and on clay soils tree root moisture extraction can cause the subsoil to dry out and shrink.

Fortunately, both are easily remedied by either repairing the drain or reducing or removing the tree. Generally subsidence caused by leaking drains has a smaller zone of influence than subsidence caused by trees, and tends to cause more localised damage. There are other causes of subsidence, such as mining or landslip and whilst they can cause extensive damage, they are fortunately extremely rare. In fact, the majority of cracking to buildings is not caused by subsidence and can be easily and successfully repaired and our engineer will provide guidance at the time of his visit.

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